Marvel's Deadpool to Die in April Comic

'X-Men' spin-off title to end with fan-favorite character's death, a year ahead of his Fox movie

Just when things were looking up for Deadpool, the mutant mercenary whose X-Men spinoff movie was officially announced by Fox last month, Marvel Entertainment has revealed that it will be ending his comic book series and killing the character this spring.

The announcement was made via Nerdist, where writer Gerry Duggan explained “Even us telling you that he’s dying, it’s not really a spoiler, because when you see how he dies, I think your head will explode.” He added that, “as with all things Deadpool, even when something horrible is happening, I do think it will be enjoyed by the reader. Even the most horrible things that we’ve done to him, you know, are still fun. I hope. I think.”

The character will be killed in Deadpool No. 250 (actually the 45th issue of the current Deadpool series; the "250" number is the result of factoring in issues of all of Deadpool’s previous solo series), which also features contributions from The Thrilling Adventure Hour’s Ben Blacker and Ben Acker and comedians Paul Scheer and Scott Auckerman.

Deadpool’s death — originally teased by a Marvel executive back in September last year — follows the recent (and massively successful) Death of Wolverine series from Marvel, which was followed by the launch of a weekly Wolverines spin-off comic book. As yet, Marvel isn’t saying whether a new Deadpool series will follow Deadpool’s death.

Deadpool the movie is scheduled for release Feb. 2016. Deadpool No. 250 will be released in comic book stores in April.

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