Marvel's Executive Editor Reveals More About 'Time Runs Out' Storyline

Tom Brevoort says the September-launching "Avengers" storyline won't just hint at next year's Marvel Universe months ahead of time, it will show details.
Jim Cheung/Gabrielle Dell'Otto/Marvel Entertainment

Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort has revealed more information about “Time Runs Out,” the Avengers/New Avengers storyline that launches in September, including clarifying some misinformation.

Despite initial reports, the storyline lasts longer than the September issues of both Marvel’s Avengers and New Avengers series, Brevoort told Comic Book Resources. “From that point all the way up until April of 2015 they will both be running eight months ahead of the Marvel Universe, and then the Marvel Universe every month will be closing that gap. So in October, they'll be seven months ahead of everybody else. Then in November, they'll be six months ahead until everything converges once again at the end of April.”

STORY: ‘Time Runs Out’ For Marvel’s Avengers in September

“Time Runs Out” will reveal the future of the Marvel universe ahead of events in other comics, with Brevoort saying, “the best analogy I can give you is that it’s like suddenly you’re getting next year’s Avengers comics now.” Later in the same interview, he described the two series as “maybe the two most significant books in terms of where things are going in the Marvel Universe,” underscoring the importance of both for hard-core fans interested in the overall continuity of the fictional world.

”Because we're going to be [in the future] for eight months, particularly as these events play out in real time in the other Marvel books, you'll also be seeing the aftermath of those events in Avengers and New Avengers at the same time,” he explained, “and maybe in one or two cases slightly ahead in Avengers and New Avengers.”

Such a time jump is hardly unknown in superhero comics. Currently, DC Entertainment's weekly series New 52: Futures End is taking place entirely in a world five years ahead of the rest of the line, similarly seeding plots that have yet to come to fruition in other series. However, Futures End and other such stories often rely on the possibility that they take place in "possible" futures that may or may not come to pass; "Time Runs Out," by contrast, is being advertised as definitively taking place in the same future as the rest of the Marvel line.

The storyline will be penned by Jonathan Hickman, who has been writing both Avengers and New Avengers since the titles were relaunched in late 2012; he is expected to wrap up his time on both series. “Time Runs Out” begins in Avengers No. 35 and New Avengers No. 24, with both released digitally and in comic book stores in September.