Marvel's Greatest Heroes Go Back to School in 'Avengers Academy' Game

Prepare to meet the awkward teen versions of Iron Man, Black Widow and more.
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment/Youtube

The next incarnation of Marvel's Avengers has arrived, and it's a far younger generation than most are used to. The new mobile game Marvel Avengers Academy will feature teenage versions of Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow and Hawkeye as they settle into a superhero school.

The game will give players the chance to guide characters through their school experience, whether that means training for missions, upgrading their powers or simply negotiating increasingly complicated social lives. (For those wanting to see superheroes on dates, this game might have much to offer.) The school will also be customizable by players, allowing them to build exactly the experience they need for their characters.

The teaser for the game, which launches early next year but is currently available to pre-register, offers plenty of easter eggs for characters and teams in addition to the core characters: fliers for Advanced Idea Mechanics, a reward being offered for a "lost glove" that looks very much like Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet, and a note from Squirrel Girl can be glimpsed, as well as a graffiti version of the Hydra logo, and a curious tag that appears to read "Fury is dying" — perhaps a hint at a future mission in the game.

While the idea of teenage versions of the familiar heroes is new, the name Avengers Academy is not; it was previously used for a comic book series that ran from 2010 through 2012 that focused on a group of all-new characters being trained as superheroes by veteran Avengers.

Avengers Academy will be available for iOS and Android devices in early 2016.