Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Comic Spinoffs Sell Out Immediately

First issues of both "Rocket Raccoon" and "The Legendary Star-Lord" will return to print later this month, publisher announces after first-day sellout at the distributor level.
Courtesy of Skottie Young/Marvel Entertainment

How successful will Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy be? We won’t know for sure until Aug. 1, but one thing is clear already: It’s paying off for Marvel Studios’ publishing sibling. Marvel Entertainment announced Wednesday that the first issues of both Rocket Raccoon and The Legendary Star-Lord will be returning to press after selling out in less than 24 hours.

There is, of course, some clarification necessary. “Selling out,” in this case, actually means that the titles are no longer available on the distribution level; in that both issues were only released in comic book stores Wednesday, copies are undoubtedly still available for customers.

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Additionally, it’s unclear how many copies of either title were initially printed. Traditionally, Marvel has tended to be conservative with over printings, preferring to print only a small number beyond those ordered by retailers (i.e., “sold”) in case replacements are needed for misprints, copies damaged during shipping and other similar events. This isn’t always the case; the publisher has been known to significantly overprint — and, in some cases, overship, providing “free” copies to retailers over and above those ordered — on titles it has put a particular push behind.

In the case of Rocket Raccoon, Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso has confirmed that the first issue received more than 300,000 orders, making it the second-most-popular release of 2014 to date, behind Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man No. 1. (Order amounts for The Legendary Star-Lord remain unknown.)

Second printings of both titles will reach comic book stores later this month, according to the publisher.