Marvel's 'Inhumans': Why Vin Diesel Would Be Perfect as Black Bolt

Inhumans Black Bolt - H 2014
<p>Inhumans Black Bolt - H 2014</p>   |   Jack Kirby/Marvel Entertainment
From a talking tree to a silent superhero in one fell swoop

Vin Diesel’s Facebook tease of a possible connection with Marvel Studios’ upcoming Inhumans movie is undoubtedly meant to spark speculation about which character he’d play in the 2018 project — but, thanks to his Guardians of the Galaxy role, there’s really only one contender. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet your screen Blackagar Boltagon.

If that name sounds ridiculous… well, it should. As unlikely as it sounds, it’s the full name of a character more commonly known as Black Bolt, leader of the Inhumans since his debut in 1965’s Fantastic Four No. 45. In the five decades since his first appearance, he’s also served as a member of the Illuminati, an unofficial ruling body of the super humans of the Marvel Universe, and of the current New Avengers team that appears in the comic of the same name. Most importantly, however, he’s the perfect counterpoint to Diesel’s Guardians hero, because he rarely ever speaks.

It’s not simply that Black Bolt is a hero of few words, at least not in the traditional sense. Sure, he’s superhumanly strong, and has faster reflexes than most. Yes, he can also fly — something of a basic power amongst superheroes, to be fair. However, unlike most action heroes, who eschew exposition for a few well-placed quips, Black Bolt literally can’t talk without causing destruction and disaster. His primary superpower is a voice that is projected through unimaginably strong sound waves, meaning that even a whisper can level a building or two.

This, of course, makes him the ideal role for Diesel. His current Marvel role is one that reduces him to a voice, so it only makes sense for him to pursue one that pretty much removes his voice from the equation entirely; all the better to keep audiences from somehow mixing the two up. (Not that a tree and a muscular human share that many similarities, but still.)

Moreover, Diesel looks like Black Bolt, who has been traditionally portrayed with the over-the-top physique (and skintight outfit) of many Marvel heroes. Simply look at Diesel’s FB cover and it’s easy to mentally paint Black Bolt’s costume on top. Of course, whether or not the movie version of the character will have a glowing tuning fork on his head remains to be seen, but if Diesel can make a talking tree a fan-favorite, we can only assume that a fork headpiece would be no challenge whatsoever.

Inhumans will be released Nov. 20, 2018. If there’s any justice, we can look forward to the official announcement of Diesel as Black Bolt at some point in 2015.

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