Marvel's 'Monsters Unleashed' Crossover Expands with 8 Special Issues

Avengers Monsters Unleashed - Publicity - H 2016
David Nakayama/Marvel Entertainment
'Spider-Man/Deadpool' and 'Avengers' launch the tie-in specials to the monster-sized comic book storyline.

When it comes to the scale of its next comic book crossover, Marvel Entertainment's plans for next year's Monsters Unleashed is beginning to look slightly … monstrous. The publisher announced Tuesday that, in addition to the titular five-issue series, there will be eight standalone special issues tying in to the storyline.

The first two special issues to appear will be released in January, as both Spider-Man/Deadpool and Avengers receive their own tie-ins, with each issue boasting the identifying numbering "1.MU." (Marvel did something similar for the 2013 Age of Ultron comic book, which featured tie-in issues bearing the addition ".AU" after the issue number.)

Each of the eight issues will continue elements of the Monsters Unleashed storyline, which sees the Marvel Universe plagued by an attack of giant monsters apparently under the control of some hidden force.

"Eight oversized .MU one-shots that add even more over-the-top widescreen action than the main Monsters Unleashed series can contain," was how Marvel senior vp sales & marketing David Gabriel described the newly announced issues in a statement. "Who doesn’t want to see the Avengers, Spider-Man and Deadpool throw down with some giant monsters?"

Both of the Spider-Man/Deadpool and Avengers tie-in issues will follow the main Monsters Unleashed series in format, with each issue running 40 pages for $4.99.