Marvel's 'Monsters Unleashed!' Pits Heroes Against Giant Creatures From Beyond

Think 'Pacific Rim,' but with less giant mech suits and more Avengers.
Steve NcNiven/Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment has released details of Monsters Unleashed!, the comic book project announced earlier this month as the company's first major series of 2017. As the title suggests, fans should expect some monster mayhem this January.

The series, written by Uncanny X-Men's Cullen Bunn with art by five different artists  —including Death of Wolverine's Steve McNiven — will see the heroes of the Marvel Universe have to fight off an attack from the monsters that populated the pre-superhero comics published by Marvel in the 1950s and early '60s, as well as some more recent threats of a similar nature.

As Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso told Entertainment Weekly, "If there ever were a monster who stood 10 stories high or taller and created mayhem in the Marvel Universe over last several decades, they’re gonna be in the story."

That the series is Marvel's first big 2017 project is notable; many of Marvel's classic monster characters were created or co-created by Jack Kirby in titles such as Strange Tales, Where Creatures Roam and Tales of Suspense; 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of Kirby's birth, and reviving his monsters to face off against the Marvel superheroes — many of whom were also co-created by Kirby, or are based off his concepts to some degree — feels like a fitting tribute to the man called the "King of Comics."

Monsters Unleashed! launches in January and will run bi-weekly through March.