Marvel's New Comic Book Hero 'Mosaic' Gets a Preview

Marvel Mosaic Cover P 2016
Khary Randolph/Marvel Entertainment
Barnes & Noble customers will be able to pick up a free comic telling the hero's origins this August, ahead of his new series launching in October.

Marvel's next big thing could be anyone — literally.

The publisher will introduce a new comic book hero called Mosaic in this month's Uncanny Inhumans No. 11, before spinning him out into his own comic book series in October — but in between those two issues, the character will be promoted via a free giveaway to Barnes & Noble customers on Aug. 6, signaling the spotlight the new character will receive moving forward.

Mosaic is Morris Sackett, a professional basketball player who will find himself transformed into a being with no body of his own who needs to possess other people in order to survive. According to writer Geoffrey Thorne, "There are no barriers when Morris takes a host. He is you. Not even a telepath could detect his presence unless he wanted them to. He cannot be detected or blocked by any conventional surveillance or defensive equipment, not even Stark-level tech. He is the perfect spy."

As his debut venue would suggest, Mosaic will be an Inhuman, continuing Marvel's focus on expanding that property in its comic book portfolio; in addition to Uncanny Inhumans, the franchise includes the All-New Inhumans, Ms. Marvel, Uncanny Avengers and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series.

The Inhumans have played a significant role in ABC's Marvel's Agents of SHIELD TV series, although they've been less successful on the big screen; originally announced for a 2019 movie back in 2014, the project has since been removed from the release calendar.