Marvel's New 'Ms. Marvel' Is a Sellout

"Captain Marvel" #17, the first appearance of Marvel's new Muslim teen hero, sells out on the distributor level within two days of release.
Adrian Alphona/Marvel Entertainment

She won't appear in her own comic until next February, but it looks as if Ms. Marvel can already call herself a success. Captain Marvel #17, the final page of which teased the first appearance of Kamala Khan, has sold out on the distributor level just two days after release.

The 17th (and final) issue of the current Captain Marvel run, by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Felipe Andrade, ends with a glimpse at Kamala discovering her superpowers. Marvel has billed it as "the very first appearance" of the character it officially unveiled earlier this week as the new star of a the revived Ms. Marvel series.

STORY: Marvel Unveils New Muslim 'Ms. Marvel'

It's possible that Kamala actually made an earlier cameo appearance, however. Certainly, DeConnick isn't denying that she actually popped up in the 14th issue, although no one realized the importance of the appearance at the time.

Nonetheless, the combination of publicity surrounding Marvel's first teen Muslim hero and the traditional interest in Captain Marvel has combined to push the series to sellout status for the first time since the series' earliest issues -- hopefully positioning it to capitalize on that success when it returns next year and sees Carol Danvers, the series' eponymous hero, joining the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel will be releasing a second printing of Captain Marvel #17 next month to fulfill retailer demand. To differentiate the two printings, the second print will have a new cover by Adrian Alphona, featuring one of his design sketches for the Ms. Marvel character. The second print is expected in stores December 11.