PS4 'Spider-Man' Unveils Final DLC Content

The final installment in 'The City That Never Sleeps' bundle introduces new missions, enemies and three new suits for the web-slinger.
Courtesy of Insomniac Games

Marvel's Spider-Man has revealed the last of its DLC content for its The City That Never Sleeps package.

The third entry in the set of downloadable content for the blockbuster superhero game will launch on Friday, Dec. 21. Titled Silver Lining, the new DLC features the return of Silver Sable, who is hunting down her stolen Sable International tech.

The new chapter takes place directly after the events of the previous Turf Wars content, which saw Spidey facing off against foe Hammerhead. With NYPD Chief Yuri Watanabe out on administrative leave, Peter Parker must now rely on uneasy alliances to keep the streets of New York safe.

Silver Lining features new missions, new and upgraded enemy and crime types, trophies, challenges, and, of course, three new suits for the web-slinger. The new threads include a Cyborg Spider-Man suit, the Aaron Aikman Armor Suit and the suit worn by Peter Parker in the new film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Silver Lining is available for preorder on the PlayStation Store for $9.99. The entire City That Never Sleeps bundle can also be purchased for $24.99.

Watch the teaser for Marvel's Spider-Man: Silver Lining below.