Marvel's 'Star Wars' Comic Introduces an Unexpected New Character

Star Wars 9 Cover - S 2015
<p>Star Wars 9 Cover - S 2015</p>   |   Stuart Immonen/Marvel Entertainment
The course of true love doesn't run smooth, even in galaxies far, far away.

For those who thought that the romance between Han Solo and Leia Organa would run smoothly after Return of the Jedi — Marvel Entertainment's Star Wars comic introduced an utterly unexpected wrinkle in its fifth issue, released Wednesday.

In the final chapter of the series' opening storyline by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday — set between the original movie and The Empire Strikes Back, a romantic interlude between Solo and Leia (or, at least, what Han is trying to turn into a romantic interlude: "You ever had Corellian wine?" he asks, as the two are hiding from potential attack by the Empire) is interrupted by the arrival of Sana Solo. Or, as she introduces herself, "The name is Sana Solo. I'm [Han's] wife."

Sana's debut in the new issue identifies a character who has already appeared, unnamed, on previews of the cover of the series' ninth issue, suggesting that she's going to stick around for awhile. Thanks to Lucasfilm's revision of its approach to spin-off material last year, Sana is officially Star Wars canon — putting Han and Leia's relationship in Return of the Jedi in a new light, and potentially opening up a whole new character to make an appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, should she survive to that era.

(Suddenly, Han's "Chewie… we're home" line has an entirely other meaning; what if he's talking to Sana?)

Star Wars No. 5, featuring the debut of Sana Solo, is available in comic book stores and digitally now.