Marvel's 'War of the Realms' Revives Fan Favorite Character

War of the Realms 6 Cover - Arthur Adams/Marvel - Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Arthur Adams/Marvel
Some characters can't seem to stay dead, it seems.

[This story contains spoilers for Marvel’s The War of the Realms No. 6]

You can’t keep a trickster down…and, in the case of Marvel’s Loki, that can be taken literally. Months after apparently killing the character off in the first issue of the event miniseries The War of the Realms, the final issue of the series sees his not entirely surprising resurrection.

In the opening chapter of the series — which spun out of the ongoing Thor comic book series, and saw Earth under attack from the many enemies of Asgard — Loki was apparently eaten by Laufrey, the king of the Frost Giants and, notably, Loki’s father, during the first wave of attacks. As Thor led a coalition of Earth’s heroes to fight against the invading horde, led by the ruler of the dark elves Malekith, the final confrontation with Laufrey appeared to fall to Daredevil…at first.

Daredevil apparently surrendered his weapon of choice — the sword of Heimdall — to Laufrey, only for the frost giant to swallow it, setting in motion Loki’s revenge; somehow undigested despite prior appearances (he’s a magical being, after all), Loki used the swallowed sword to cut his way out of Laufrey’s stomach, killing his father in the process. He even emerged from Laufrey’s guts with the prerequisite pun, asking, “What’s the matter, Father? Was it something you ate?”

Although superheroes and villains rarely stay dead for too long — especially ones with such name recognition as Loki — there’s an additional reason why this particular comic book return was something fans had been waiting for: Within a week of the character’s apparent death, Marvel announced an ongoing Loki comic book series to launch in July. In terms of spoiler self-owns, it’s one that’s hard to beat.

The War of the Realms No. 6 is in stores now.