Marvel Unveils Trailer for 2019 Comic Book 'War of the Realms'

War of the Realms - Publicity - H 2018
Russell Dauterman/Marvel Entertainment
The storyline, teaming the major Marvel heroes, will launch in April 2019.

Next year, Marvel’s comic book universe is going to erupt into war. Ahead of the New Year holiday, Marvel Entertainment has released a new teaser trailer for next year’s War of the Realms, the event storyline launching in April.

In a plot spilling out of the Thor comic book series, War of the Realms sees dark elf Malekith invading Earth as the last staging ground for a war that has seen him decimate the other mythical realms known to Thor and his fellow Asgardians. With one last stand remaining before Malekith conquers all, it falls to all of the heroes of Earth to save the day.

"The story really begins when that war that's been brewing for years in the pages of Thor explodes here in Midgard," writer Jason Aaron explains, referencing the Asgardian term for Earth. "And at that point, it's bigger than just a Thor battle: everyone, everyone, becomes a part of that battle."

Editor Will Moss adds that, despite the years-long buildup in a number of different comics by this point, Aaron “writes super accessible stories…. Even though this story involves a lot of different moving pieces and elements from the Thor comics and the Avengers comics, it’s something that everyone can just dive into.”

Marvel is describing the series as the “war-to-end-all-wars,” and promoting it with the line, “Not since Secret Wars has a comic event had such far reaching consequences for the Marvel Universe.” That 2015 series, notably, ended the entire Marvel comic book line for a number of months, leading to a linewide relaunch at the end of the year.

The War of the Realms, by Aaron, Russell Dauterman, Matt Wilson and cover artist Arthur Adams, launches in April.