Marvel's 'Winter Soldier' Goes Cosmic in New Fall Series

New "Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier" series will take the "Captain America" character into space in a series described as "James Bond" meets "all the other great film franchises."
Marco Rudy/Marvel Entertainment

Having conquered cinema with this spring’s second Captain America movie, Marvel Entertainment’s Winter Soldier is about to move onto a far larger stage with a new comic book series that takes the character into space and pairs him with two of the most interesting talents at the publisher today.

Announced Thursday, the new Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier series will see Ales Kot, writer of Image Comics’ Zero and Marvel’s Secret Avengers, and artist Marco Rudy (New Avengers Annual, Marvel Knights: Spider-Man) expand the character’s horizons following his appearances in the current Original Sin event series.

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Editor Will Moss told the AV Club that the choice of creators for the series was easy: “Ales teaches a master class on 21st-century spy stories in Zero month after month, and he’s come up with a whole new spin on the genre for this new Winter Soldier series. And Marco reinvents sequential art every time he draws a page, as anyone who read the recent New Avengers Annual knows, so he was a natural pick for a book like this where there are no limits, and where every corner of the Marvel U. is going to be explored.”

Moss means it about every corner of the Marvel Universe being up for grabs in the series, due to events still to unfold in Original Sin. “The entire Marvel Universe is his playing field, from the depths of Limbo to the heights of Asgard, and everywhere in between,” Moss teased. “It’d be like if the James Bond movies suddenly had access to the characters and settings of all the other great film franchises.”

The new Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier series launches in October.