Marvel's 'Wolverine' Gets New Beginning, Takes Wrong Turn

The "X-Men" lead will turn to the dark side in his new series, working for a crime boss and using guns, according to writer Paul Cornell.
Ryan Stegman/Marvel Entertainment

He's famously the best there is at what he does -- and starting next year, what Marvel Entertainment's Wolverine does will officially be not very nice, with the character going bad and joining up with a team of super-villains for his new comic series launching in February.

Current Wolverine writer Paul Cornell will stay with the character for the new series, which he described as "a continuation to those who were following the last series, but it works as an extreme new start for Wolverine and for those who are picking it up for the first time." Joining Cornell for "Payback," the storyline launching the new series, is Superior Spider-Man artist Ryan Stegman.

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"Payback" sees Wolverine deciding to "simplify his life and drop his responsibilities," Cornell explained. That doesn't just mean resigning as headmaster of the Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning or quitting the X-Men, however; it means working alongside a group of super-villains for a gang boss known as "The Offer."

It also means a change in style for the long-running Marvel character. In addition to a new costume, Wolverine will also switch up his fighting style. "He's now carrying a pair of handguns and fighting hand-to-hand in a different way," Cornell said. "He will indeed be using the claws less frequently."

The series will "look into what it means to be a 'villain' and how those guys think of themselves," Cornell promised, teasing that Wolverine will find "a real comradeship [among the super-villain team], and a release -- and a relationship."

Wolverine #1 will be released in February 2014.