Mattel Bringing Unique 'Cars 3' Die-Cast to Comic-Con (Exclusive)

The toy company will make the collectible available only at the San Diego convention.
Courtesy of Mattel

Mattel is one of the play companies that has a huge presence at July's San Diego Comic-Con and will offer a grab bag of convention exclusives.

One of the company's offerings is a unique Cars 3 die-cast that shows the different stages of the making of one of Mattel’s signature toys, its miniature cars. Heat Vision has an exclusive look, with the focus on Lightning McQueen.

The first car is the Zamak Body, the raw metal foundation of the die-cast. The second car is the Double Ransburg Body, the stage where the company puts two coats of a special finish on the die-cast that makes the car look extra shiny and glossy. And finally, there’s the finished product, the fully decorated vehicle, in this case with the expressive eyes, grin, headlights and signature Rust-Eze logos.

The Cars franchise has remained a key evergreen line for Mattel since the launch of the movie series in 2006, with more than 300 million die-cast cars sold globally to date.

The collector’s set comes in a box showing rough development to final vehicle rendering and will sell for $30.

Cars 3 came in at No. 1 at the box office over the weekend, earning $53.5 million.