Max Landis Has a 'Wonder Woman' Pitch in the Works

Max Landis Headshot 2011
<p> LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 12:&nbsp; Writer Max Landis attends the Samsung Infuse 4G launch event featuring Nicki Minaj at Milk Studios on May 12, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.</p>   |   David Livingston/Getty Images
For some, the very idea of a Wonder Woman movie is off-putting, but not for Max Landis, who teased that he has a pitch in the works for Warner Bros.

Max Landis may not be writing the second Chronicle movie, but that doesn't mean he has lost his taste for superhero movies. In fact, he'd like to tackle one of the most controversial comic characters of all: Wonder Woman -- as long as it's not the current incarnation of the character.

Landis has been answering questions on Reddit on, as he put it, "writing, directing, the business, my YouTube stuff, comics, movies, relationship advice, my dad, my genius mom, my cat, Chronicle 2, WHATEVER." Among those questions was one about what superhero movie he would write, given the opportunity. His answer: "Either a version of Green Lantern that played like ET meets Stand By Me using the goth/punk [scene] and Kyle Rayner, or Wonder Woman using a pitch that I intend to make to WB."

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Of course, were a Wonder Woman project to go ahead, Landis may have to curb his ire toward the current state of DC Comics. Asked what he would erase from comics if he could, he answered, "The New 52" (DC's reboot of continuity from September 2011). When asked about any future comics plans from the publisher -- he wrote a story that appeared in last year's Action Comics Annual, his answer was, "I dunno, man. I was working on something with [comic artist] Jock, but … I dunno. DC is … DC."

So much for those rumors that Landis would co-write a weekly Superman comic for the publisher starting next March.