Meet the 1970s TV Avengers That Never Were (Video)

What if the Captain America from the 1979 TV movie teamed up with Lou Ferrigno's Hulk to fight Paul Lynde and Kiss?
Courtesy of NBC Universal

Sure, Marvel's The Avengers was the first time that we had a live-action meetup for Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and the Hulk -- but things could have been so, so different, as this trailer for a nonexistent 1970s Avengers TV movie demonstrates.

Using footage from the 1979 Captain America TV movie (with Reb Brown as the star-spangled hero, 1988), The Incredible Hulk Returns (with Lou Ferrigno as the gamma monster and Eric Allan Kramer as Thor) and 1976's Paul Lynde Halloween Special of all things, YouTube user quarv created an alternate take on Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

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It's worrying that even this fan-made trailer makes Legends of the Superheroes -- the live-action outing for DC's Justice League that aired on NBC in January 1979 -- pale in comparison. Will Hawkman never get the respect he deserves? Watch the video, and judge for yourself.