'Men In Black III' Trailer: Will Smith Meets Josh Brolin's Tommy Lee Jones (Video)

The latest teaser for Columbia's alien adventure flick goes back in time.
Columbia Pictures

In the alternate universe of Men in Black III, Andy Warhol is a secret agent, Josh Brolin is Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith is still as sarcastic as ever.

The new trailer for the long awaited sci-fi action comedy hit the web early Monday, giving a deeper look at the back-in-time adventure that sends Smith's Agent J to the swinging 1960s. As it turns out, Jones' Agent K was dead during the first two blockbuster films -- how's that for a years-in-the-making twist? -- and J has to go back in time to fight an attack that could change the course of history.

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There to greet him is a young and spry K, played by Brolin with a deadpan equal to Jones' trademark gruff straight guy character.

Bill Hader, playing Warhol, gets in on the fun, which pits the era's distinct motif with technology from the future, which seems even more anachronistic given the setting. Jemaine Clement, best known for being one half of the comedy musical duo Flight of the Conchords, also gets in on the action, playing a villain named Boris.

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The film, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, hits theaters on May 25.