Michael Bay Promises a Less Goofy 'Transformers' With Fourth Movie

Bay Transformers 4 - H 2013
<p>Bay Transformers 4 - H 2013</p>   |   Michael Bay
The fourth installment in the series will be cooler and "much more cinematic" than the previous three, according to the director.

Director Michael Bay has a good idea what was wrong with his first three Transformers movies: They just weren't big or serious enough.

"I wanted the first [three] Transformers to be very suburban and less cool," Bay told Yahoo! Movies when talking about how next year's fourth installment will differ from the first three. "This is a much more cinematic one. I focused on keeping this one slick. There won't be any goofiness in this one. We went a bit too goofy [on the last one]."

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The lack of goofy doesn't mean that Transformers: Age of Extinction will be playing things entirely straight, however; Yahoo described Mark Wahlberg's character as a "wacky inventor" who gets distracted by the arrival of his teenage daughter's race car boyfriend -- hardly the most down-to-Earth, serious treatment of the concept imaginable, thankfully.

Bay explained what brought him back to the Transformers franchise after swearing off the series following 2011's Transformers: Dark of the Moon. "It was the Transformers ride [at Universal Studios]," he said. "It was seeing this two-and-a-half hour line, with all these kids lined up." Producers, now you know the way to ensure Bay's involvement in your movies going forward. Someone needs to start building a Space Ghost ride to place in Bay's line of vision right now.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is set for release June 27, 2014.