Michael Bay Teases 'Transformers 4' ... Something, Maybe (Photo)

A new photo from the "Transformers 4" set has been posted online by director Michael Bay, but is there hidden significance to the pyramid in the background?
Michael Bay

Until now the only official photos we've seen from Transformers 4 -- currently being shot in Chicago, and due for release in June 2014 -- have been shots of the various vehicles that Optimus Prime and his fellow Autobots will be transforming into. Now, though, director Michael Bay has posted a set pic revealing himself, lead Mark Wahlberg and members of the crew standing in front of … something.

Uploaded to his site with the headline "Just Another Day On The Set Of Transformers 4," the image features the group dramatically posing -- hands on hips, staring into the distance! -- in front of a pyramid that looks distinctly Transformer-ish. Whether or not this is a meaningless prop that just looked cool in the shot or some kind of oblique Easter egg, of course, remains to be seen.

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To the best of my (admittedly limited, when it comes to Transformers) knowledge, there isn't one that just turns into a pyramid, which leaves the following possibilities:

  • This is some kind of Cybertronian artifact that will prove to be important at some point in the movie.
  • This is just one small part of a giant Transformer and I am finally getting my wish and seeing Fortress Maximus on the big screen (He transforms into an entire city, people. That's the best Transformer of all, just admit it).
  • Michael Bay has invented a new Transformer who transforms into a pyramid, and he's quietly introducing him -- because it would be a him, right? -- to us via this shot.
  • There is absolutely no importance to the pyramid and Michael Bay is just screwing with people like me who read far too much into promotional shots like this.

Really, I'm going with the first one, but I'm hoping it's the second. The movie comes out next summer; shouldn't the slow burn teasing be starting about now, based on tradition and past experience? Say it with me, everyone: Fortress Maximus for Transformers 4. You could even call the movie Transformers Fourtress Maximus.