Michael Cera Blows Cocaine and Emma Watson Busts Faces in New 'This Is the End' Trailer (Video)

In the latest red-band look at the apocalyptic celebrity epic, Rihanna gets violent, Aziz Ansari clings for his life and Seth Rogen is nervous about his chest.

Finally, the romantic subplot in This Is the End has been revealed: a love triangle between Michael Cera, Mindy Kaling and Rihanna.

Cliche and recycled? Sure, we've seen these three erstwhile lovers before; Cera-Kaling-Rihanna are Hollywood's new go-to trio. But the new red band trailer for this film -- teasing a whole lot of cocaine, spanking, apocryphal collapses and street light impaling -- offers hope that it just might work this time around.

The star-studded This is the End has been on a promotional tour-de-force, appearing at WonderCon over the weekend and sending out an April Fools' Day prank on Monday. The new trailer, which hit late Wednesday night, offers up a cadre of big names acting like anyone might during an apocalyptic nightmare: running around in a panic, taking drugs and sacrificing friends for their own safety.

A word of advice: Emma Watson, it seems, is more Bling Ring than Harry Potter in such terror-filled scenarios.