Michael Giacchino Takes on 'Star Wars' -- Kind Of (Video)

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Randolph Adams
The "Incredibles," "John Carter" composer joined with comedian Ben Schwartz to reinvent one of John Williams' most famous pieces of music.

The fact that John Williams will be returning to write the soundtrack for J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII means that Abrams' regular musical collaborator, composer Michael Giacchino won't have the chance to bring his particular talents to a galaxy far, far away. Although, considering his re-interpretation of Williams' "Imperial March" -- accompanied by Parks & Recreation's Ben Schwartz -- that might not be the worst decision ever made.

Schwartz shared the video on his website yesterday, noting that he and Giacchino has "brainstormed ideas to update the Imperial March" for Episode VII. "It turns out," he added, "JJ was 'not interested.'"

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He added that "Michael and I have no problem being idiots and making more updated themes" if people enjoyed the video. Given that Giacchino actually provided the music for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and its predecessor, Mission: Impossible III, it's sadly unlikely that the two would tackle that classic -- but maybe if we asked really, really politely?