Mike Medavoy to Produce Adaptation of Manga '6000'

The comic hails from Japanese publisher Gentosha Comics.
Mike Medavoy   |   Marc Royce
The comic hails from Japanese publisher Gentosha Comics.

Veteran producer Mike Medavoy is teaming up with All Nippon Entertainment Works to produce 6000, an adaptation of a horror manga.

According to ANEW, the Japanese comic is set in "a deep sea research facility 6,000 meters below the ocean’s surface. A mysterious disaster three years earlier killed the crew and shuttered the station. Now, when a new team is sent down to get the operation up and running again, tension builds as they must struggle against the claustrophobic environment, their own deteriorating minds and an unleashed danger lurking in the depths."

The comic, whose full title is 6000: Rokusen, hails from Japanese publisher Gentosha Comics.

Medavoy, whose recent credits include thrillers such as Black Swan and Shutter Island, will produce with Edward McGurn and Ben Anderson.

ANEW, which specialized in developing Japanese IP, has several projects in the works with Hollywood producers. Chris and Paul Weitz’s Depth of Field is working on Ghost Train and Birthright, while Gale Ann Hurd’s Valhalla Entertainment is adapting a live action remake of Toei Animation’s robot anime Gaiking.