Miles Teller Hints That 'Fantastic Four' Reboot Will Include Comic Book Costumes

"You've got to give that to the fans. That's what it's all about."
AP Images/Invision
Miles Teller

Fans of Marvel Entertainment's Fantastic Four comic book series — who found themselves a little worried about the look and tone of the first trailer for Josh Trank's movie adaptation, which is due out later this summer — have new reason to be more optimistic about the big-screen versions of Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch, the Invisible Woman and the Thing: At least they'll look right.

Talking to ScreenCrush about the costumes seen in the trailer, Miles Teller — who plays Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, in the movie — described them as "the beta versions of the costumes" before going on to tease another look for the cinematic heroes before the end of the first installment in the series (The Fantastic Four 2 already is scheduled for June 2017).

"It would be very odd if the Fantastic Four didn't don the traditional costumes," said Teller. "You've got to. There is some servicing there. You've got to give that to the fans. That's what it's all about."

Of course, the idea of "traditional costumes" for the characters is a somewhat malleable one; the comic book F.F. have gone through a number of looks in the 50+ years they've been around, usually — but not always — centered on the number "4" featured prominently on the chest.

Interestingly enough, just as the first trailer for Fantastic Four suggested that the movie will stay faithful to the comic book series' origin as a monster comic, the notion that it will take a while for the heroes to get their superhero costumes also would follow the comic books' lead; the comic book F.F. didn't get their superhero outfits until the series' third issue.

Fantastic Four will be released Aug. 7.

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