Miles Teller Nabs Goose's Son Role in 'Top Gun' Sequel

Teller will star opposite Tom Cruise in the long-in-the works sequel that sees Cruise reprising his role as the hotshot pilot with the call sign Maverick.

Miles Teller has landed the role of Goose's son in Top Gun 2 and will star opposite Tom Cruise, reprising his role from the 1986 original as the hotshot pilot with the call sign Maverick.

Joseph Kosinski, who directed Cruise in the sci-fi thriller Oblivion, is directing the long-in-the-works Top Gun sequel, which is also bringing back Val Kilmer's rival pilot code-named Iceman.

The role of Goose's son was a coveted one and many of young Hollywood's finest were chasing it, even traveling to Cruise's home in Clearwater, Florida, for the testing process.

Teller beat out Nicholas Hoult and Glen Powell for the role. Dylan O'Brien and Austin Butler were among those in the mix in a previous stage.

Teller will play the son of Maverick's wingman and best pal, Goose. Played by Anthony Edwards in the Tony Scott-directed original, the character provides an emotional spine to the movie when he is killed by accident and Maverick blames himself.

Teller last starred in a pair of gritty dramas, Thank You for Your Service and Only the Brave, the true-life firefighting movie that Kosinski directed. The Spectacular Now and Whiplash helped establish his chops early on.