Mirka Andolfo's 'Sweet Paprika' in Development as Animated Property

Sweet Paprika Announce -Publicity - H 2020
Mirka Andolfo
The DC and Image Comics creator moves into animation for her latest project.

Mirka Andolfo, the comic book creator who’s worked on Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and her own Image Comics series Unnatural and Mercy, is moving media for her next project with Sweet Paprika, an erotic comedy teased on social media, announced as her first animated project.

Paprika will be developed by Andolfo, Arancia Studio and Davide G.G. Caci, with Gabriele Pennacchioli (Love Death + Robots) on board as executive producer. Tomasso Triolo will write the screenplay.

“I’m feverishly excited to both tell the hilarious, amorous story of Sweet Paprika, as well as see Paprika and Dill come to life (and flirt) through animation,” Andolfo said in a statement. "The production team has helped ignite what was once a dream into a vibrant and massive project. I’m still devoted to creating monthly comics, but the idea of starting a new adventure in another medium is exciting, and working alongside professionals like Gabriele and Tommaso is more than I could ever hope for!"

“When I was contacted with the proposal to work on Sweet Paprika, it was love at first sight,” Pennacchioli added. “It’s a lively and inspiring project, with a dynamism suited to the magic of animation. Mirka’s imagination offers a wide and multifaceted world, with a breath of global creativity and Italian romanticism.”

Sweet Paprika, described by Andolfo as an urban fairy tale for adults, centers around the relationship between the career-driven Paprika — the chief creative officer at a New York-based publisher — and Dill, a delivery boy whose casual naïveté makes him charming and confounding in equal measure to Paprika. To make matters more complicated, she’s a devil and he’s an angel. The project is likened to a combination of The Devil Wears Prada and Sex and the City.

More information about Sweet Paprika will be released in coming months.