Modern Prometheus Founded to Bring Indie Comics to Screen (Exclusive)

Modern Prometheus - H - 2015
Henry Rollins and Paul Pope are involved in comic book adaptations.

Behold the new Modern Prometheus. But this incarnation, unlike Mary Shelley's original version, is a new production company founded by filmmaker Sridhar Reddy and Z2 Comics publisher Josh Frankel that's already working with Henry Rollins to bring two comic books to the screen.

Rollins is part of an ensemble cast for Welcome to Showside, an animated pilot based on the upcoming comic book series by Ian McGinty which is scheduled to be completed toward the end of the year. Showside centers on Kit, a young kid who seems normal except for one secret: he's being prepared to take over the family business of destroying the world.

"It's unbelievable to see something I've worked very hard on creating not only exist on paper, with Z2 Comics, but now exist right in front of my eyes in the form of an animated pilot," McGinty told THR. (The Showside comic will launch from Z2 Comics in October.) "The skill of the animation team and the level of talent in the voice actors, especially Henry Rollins, has been absolutely mind-boggling and an experience unlike anything else I've ever done before. To say I'm excited about Welcome to Showside is an understatement, I can't wait for everyone to see this world and the characters living in it!"

The second Modern Prometheus project is a live-action adaptation of Paul Pope's 1995 series The One Trick Rip-Off, with Pope onboard as executive producer and Reddy writing the screenplay.

"The true treasure of adapting a book like The One Trick Rip-Off is the trust and guidance of an artist like Paul Pope," Reddy told THR. "I worked closely with Paul for almost three years to capture the essence of his book, and he was involved in every step of the film's development. We worked very hard to preserve his unique style, both artistically and spiritually."

Plans for Modern Prometheus have been in the works for almost a year, sources tell THR. Z2 Comics launched in 2013 with titles from Pope and Dean Haspiel, and has also released work by Harvey Pekar and Miss Lasko-Gross. According to founder Frankel, Modern Prometheus will "work in tandem with creators so that their singular visions are celebrated in the translation of their comics."