Monkeybrain Scares Up New Horror Series 'Boo'

Just in time for Halloween, the indie digital comic publisher announces a four-issue horror anthology series.
Jon Morris/MonkeyBrain Comics

There is a great tradition of horror anthologies in comic books, from EC's Tales From the Crypt through DC's Ghosts and The Witching Hour. Next month, digital comics publisher Monkeybrain Comics will extend the legacy with Boo: Halloween Stories, a new anthology series featuring the work of upcoming new cartoonists and creators.

Washington-based creator "Calamity" Jon Morris announced the project earlier this week -- following up on a series of image teasers he's been posting online since this summer -- and also named the creators for the first of four issues: David Hopkins, Leonard Pierce, RJ White, Paul Milligan, Neal Von Flue, Carl Nelson and Matthew Warlick, with a framing sequence by Morris himself.

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The official solicit for the series reads, "Crawling from their Crypts, their Vaults, their Mansions and Houses come 12 of the creepiest, kookiest, corniest horror hosts of print and screen, vying to win the first-ever reality competition based on scary storytelling! Meet the Mysterious Wanderer! Meet Mister Puzzles! Meet Meredeth McMoonwolf, the Spidery Old Hag, Magog and Agog, a half-dozen more eerie weirdos and their host Dyin' Secrest, and find out who will survive -- BOO!" Yes, that really did just say "Dyin' Secrest." Admit it: You're hooked already.

Boo is the third comics anthology from Monkeybrain, following Brazilian creator showcase Inkshot and Western anthology series Real West, which launched this week with a story by B.P.R.D. writer John Arcudi and artist A.C. Zamudio. The new series will run weekly from October 10 through -- appropriately -- October 31, with each issue available through ComiXology for just 99 cents. (The first issue is currently available for preorder.)

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