The Morning After 'The Purge': Comedian Spoofs Universal's Horror Flick (Video)

The Purge: The Morning After - H 2013
Johnny Ray Gill imagines how friends and co-workers would deal with surviving the film's traumatic events.

So, all crime becomes legal for one night and, naturally, you decide to kill your boss' family.

It's all fun and games until The Purge is over, and then what do you do?

In comedian Johnny Ray Gill's parody of the Universal horror flick, actor Daniel Rubiano has to face the music when he reports to work the next morning. Watch below.

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"On the surface, after watching The Purge and witnessing the violence and mayhem that took place during the 12 hour free period in the new America, not only perpetrated by strangers, but neighbors and co-workers, I thought it'd be funny to explore the consequences of these actions the day after," Gill tells The Hollywood Reporter.  "In the movie, they say crime is virtually non-existent and unemployment is at 1 percent, probably because of fear of creating enemies that could mean your death during the annual 12 hour catharsis, and while on the surface this seems plausible, we thought it would create a lot of awkward workplace and living situations."

The spoof also features Tony award-nominated actress Da'Vine Joy Randolph.

"All the leads in The Purge are white; a norm in TV and film, while everyone cast is in our parody is a minority," says Gill. "Also, we're doing a style of comedy that's more often than not given only to white people and this parody if it was a typical Hollywood creation, whether a film or tv show, would undoubtedly cast the majority of the parts white.  We wanted to give ourselves the opportunity to create characters that we, 99.9 percent of the time, wont be allowed to do or would be assumed we don't have the range of skill to play."

The Purge was a surprise box office hit, opening to $36.4 million in early June, prompting producer Jason Blum and the studio to quickly throw a sequel into development. To date, the film has earned $85.8 million worldwide.

The Purge will be released on DVD on Oct. 8, just in time for Halloween.