'Ms. Marvel' Co-Creator Leaving Character Ahead of Relaunch

Ms. Marvel 38 - Publicity - P 2018
Sara Pichelli/Marvel Entertainment
G. Willow Wilson is departing the 'Ms. Marvel' series in February, ahead of the March launch of 'The Magnificent Ms. Marvel.'

After five years, G. Willow Wilson will leave Marvel Entertainment’s Ms. Marvel, with the publisher revealing that the series will end when Wilson, who co-created the character in 2014, leaves, ahead of a relaunch with a new creative team later in 2019.

Wilson’s tenure with the character she co-created (along with editor Sana Amanat and artist Adrian Alphona) will end with February’s Ms. Marvel No. 38, which — when taken in conjunction with the first volume of the series — will mark Wilson’s 60th issue of the title. In an essay for Marvel.com, Wilson argued that this was the best time for her to go.

“[Kamala] is now something much bigger than the miniseries Sana and I planned years ago,” Wilson wrote. “She will, in all likelihood, outlive us all. I couldn’t be happier about it—and by that same token, it means that my part in Kamala’s adventures must eventually come to an end. Great superheroes stay fresh and relevant because they are the work of many storytellers, all of whom bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the character. Earlier this year, I began to have the persistent feeling that I was in danger of repeating myself every time I sat down to write a new script. It was a sign: time to start planning my exit.”

Since Wilson’s first issue, the character has gone on to become a New York Times best-selling character, as well as a part of both the Avengers and Champions superhero teams. Outside of comic books, she is a central part of the multimedia Marvel Rising brand, which spans animation and toys, in addition to comic books.

The Ms. Marvel series ends with Wilson’s final issue, only to be relaunched as The Magnificent Ms. Marvel, a new series by Saladin Ahmed and Minkyu Jung in March. Wilson is currently working on DC Entertainment’s Wonder Woman and has a new series for Dark Horse's Berger Books imprint, Invisible Kingdom, on tap for 2019; in a tweet listing future 2019 work, she also mentioned her upcoming novel, The Bird King.