'The Mummy' Revives an Ancient Power in New Trailer at CinemaCon

Tom Cruise - The Mummy Trailer Still - H 2016
The Tom Cruise film opens June 9.

Tom Cruise knows how to make a curse look good.

Director Alex Kurtzman brought out the cast of The Mummy (but no Tom Cruise) Wednesday at CinemaCon, where they discussed its biggest stunt and revealed a new trailer.

The film stars Sofia Boutella as The Mummy, as well as Courtney B. Vance, Annabelle Wallis and Jake Johnson.

Boutella shared details of her character, saying she was a princess who was promised to be Pharaoh, but that was taken away from her. She knew how to summon gods, but unfortunately "summoned the wrong god and that stays with her."

The cast spoke about their much-hyped zero-G scene from the first trailer, which shows Cruise and Wallis' character on a plane that is going down. Kurtzman revealed it took 64 takes over two days — and "a lot of barfing."  Did Cruise lose his lunch? According to his leading lady Wallis, he did not throw up (and neither did she, for the record).

Cruise then appeared in a video to introduce a new trailer for the film.

It opens with Cruise's character running from explosions, with one uncovering an underground Egyptian ruin. Cut to The Mummy back in ancient Egypt and being buried alive as punishment for murdering the king.

"You are alive because you were chosen," says Jekyll, with the trailer revealing Cruise's character is the instrument by which the Mummy will return.

Earlier, Universal also showed off a sizzle reel of its classic monster movies. Kurtzman spoke about honoring the past and looking forward to the future, calling those movies "an incredible legacy."

"To be able to stand in the shadows of those giants … it was an incredible experience. Amazing. And having Tom Cruise in the movie, doesn't hurt," he said.

The film is set to launch a cinematic universe for Universal, with Crowe's Dr. Jekyll potentially playing a role similar to Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Javier Bardem is on board for a future Frankenstein film, while Johnny Depp has signed on for The Invisible Man.

The Mummy hits theaters June 9.