Muppet Noir Murder Movie Concept Art Revealed

Vinny's Puppet Illustration Scene - H 2012
<p>Vinny&#39;s Puppet Illustration Scene - H 2012</p>
Henson Studios is using Muppet-like puppets for a murder mystery movie set in a world where puppets and people co-exist

Get ready for Muppet noir.

IM Global, a film financing and distribution company owned by Reliance Entertainment, posted concept art for The Happytime Murders, a movie about a world where puppets and humans co-exist and a puppet detective must solve a murder (think a Muppets version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?).

The pictures suggest a neat mix of puppetry and ‘40s noir.  The concept art appears to show a puppet, his stuffing ripped out, lying dead in a puppet sex shop (a puppet sex shop? Ewww).

In addition, to the concept art, IM Global released a synopsis of the movie:

“In a world where puppets co-exist with humans as second class citizens, puppet private eye and disgraced ex-cop, Phil Phillips, is hot on the trail of the serial killer who murdered his brother and is now targeting the cast members of the famous 80s television show, “The Happytime Gang.” As the killings continue, Phil’s former flame, Jenny, is next on the list. It’s up to Phil and his ex-partner, Detective Edwards, to find the culprit, but as bad blood and old resentments resurface the clues start pointing to the only viable suspect, Phil himself. Now he’s on the run with only his wits and hardheaded determination, as he tries to solve, “The Happytime Murders.””

The film is set to be directed by Brian Henson, the son of Muppets founder Jim Henson, and produced by Henson studios. Henson directed Muppet Treasure Island and a Muppet Christmas Carol. The script is by Kung Fu Panda scribe Todd Berger. Katherine Heigl is attached to star.

Technically the characters aren't "Muppets" since Disney bought the rights to all the Muppet characters and the name Muppet in 2004. But check out the cool concept art, including another image below. Its a Muppet movie in everything but name. Let us know what you think. Cool or not?