Final Muppets Parody Trailer Tackles 'Paranormal Activity 3,' 'Puss In Boots' and 'Breaking Dawn' (Video)

The Internet-only viral clip is the latest in a series of Muppets parody trailers.
Scott Garfield/Getty Images

The final Muppets parody trailer has been released online and rather than tackling one film, this one hits several, including Paranormal Activity 3, Puss in Boots, Breaking Dawn and even the Muppets' own previous trailers.

The Internet-only trailer is totally upfront with its intentions, thanking viewers for supporting the previous parody viral clips and lamenting that since this is the final one, they won't have time to do parodies for other films, followed by clips from those possible trailers.

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Previous films that had received Muppet parodies included The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Green Lantern and The Hangover Part 2.

The film is set to be released Nov. 23rd by Disney. It stars Jason Segel (or Jason the Segel as the parody trailer would have you believe) and Amy Adams and was written by Segel.