The Muppets Spoof 'The Hunger Games' in Fake Trailer (Video)

Ahead of the Blu-ray/DVD release, Jim Henson's iconic crew play with an upcoming blockbuster.

Let the fur and fuzzies fly.

Having already goofed on a whole host of summer blockbusters, from Breaking Dawn to Green Lantern, in the runup to The Muppets November release, Disney has gone back to the pop culture well to promote Kermit and friends one more time. This time, the joke is on The Hunger Games, Gary Ross's upcoming adaptation of the first in Suzanne Collins' best-selling teen warfare novel series.

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Knowing quite well that it'd be hard to make the friendly puppets seem fierce -- save for Miss Piggy, of course -- Disney instead laughs at the idea of an epic battle between its family-friendly stars. Then again, Katniss has probably never faced down the prospect of a comedian bear in fart shoes.

The Muppets hits DVD on March 20, just ahead of The Hunger Games March 23 release. May the odds -- and puppeteers -- be ever in your favor.