Murder Times Four in DC/Vertigo's New 'Bodies' Miniseries

Writer Si Spencer describes the concept of his new Vertigo series as "four time periods, four detectives, four murders –- same M.O., same location, same victim."
Fiona Stephenson/DC Entertainment

Across the space of more than a century, four different detectives are investigating four seemingly separate murders … of exactly the same person. That's the high concept behind Bodies, a newly announced series from DC Entertainment's Vertigo imprint due for release later this year.

Written by Si Spencer, Bodies will take place in London in the years 1890, 1940, 2014 and 2050, with a different artist illustrating each time period. The artists on the series are Meghan Hetrick, Tula Lotay, Dean Ormston and Phil Winslade, with each providing six pages of art in each issue.

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"I set myself a basic template -- six pages per issue per [time frame]," Spencer told regarding the structure of the series. "In essence, each issue is four self-contained mini-episodes with a beginning, middle and a cliffhanger but ordered in such a way in each issue that as each detective uncovers a small piece of their own puzzle, the reader also gets a complete overriding 24-page story arc of the bigger story with its own beginning, middle and cliffhanger."

Spencer promised "sex, murder, magic, betrayal, terrorism, torture, madness and comedy" in the series, adding "we've aimed to produce a top-notch original occult detective story the likes of which you've never seen before." Bodies launches in print and digital formats this summer.