'My Pet Dinosaur' Trailer Shows Off an Endearing and Unlikely Friendship (Exclusive)

The family film is being billed as 'E.T.' meets Pixar.

"Can we keep it?" That question is a lot harder to answer when the found pet in question is a dinosaur growing at an exponential rate.

That's what a few kids face in the trailer for My Pet Dinosaur, an Australian film that is being billed as E.T. meets Pixar. The film is from director Matt Drummond, an Emmy winner who also helmed 2014's Dinosaur Island.

The film takes place in a town where a military experiment gone wrong has some unexpected consequences. Against that backdrop, a young boy discovers and befriends a dinosaur, even as a military leader seeks to kill it.

The cast includes Jordan Dulieu, Annabel Wolfe, Christopher Gabardi and Tiriel Mora; the movie will premiere at next month's European Film Market and is being sold by Empress Road Pictures.