Nancy Collins Returns 'Vampirella' to Her Horror Roots

The "Sunglasses After Dark" novelist will write a new monthly series about the iconic vampire comic book character for Dynamite Entertainment.
Courtesy of Jenny Frisson/Dynamite Entertainment

Classic horror heroine Vampirella is getting a makeover for her 45th birthday, with Dynamite Entertainment relaunching the character and bringing in none other than horror novelist (and writer of Sunglasses After Dark) Nancy Collins to take charge this time around.

"In celebration of her 45th anniversary, I'm returning the book's focus to its horror roots and giving Vampirella a slightly darker edge," Collins said in a statement accompanying the news of the relaunch. As a result of events in her first storyline, "Our Lady of Shadows," Collins promised that the character's life will be "turned completely upside down, and she finds herself having to team up with the strangest bedfellow imaginable in order to battle both a demonic threat and an elite Vatican hit-squad."

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Collins certainly has a background when it comes to vampires; her first novel, 1989's Sunglasses After Dark drew attention -- and won awards -- for its contemporary treatment of vampire mythology, which she continued to explore in subsequent books like Tempter, VAMPS and Angels on Fire. She also wrote Swamp Thing for DC Entertainment's Vertigo line in the early 1990s.

Collins is joined by artist Patrick Berkenkotter on the series, with Collins praising his ability to make Vampirella "sexy, menacing, and badass" simultaneously. "I think the fans are going to be pleased with his work when they pick up Vampirella #1, and I hope they take me to heart as well," she said.

The title wasn't the only announcement from Dynamite today. Blood Queen, a "dark fantasy" series based on the life of Countess Elizabeth Bathory by Troy Brownfield and Fritz Casas, was also unveiled.

Both Vampirella #1 and Blood Queen #1 are scheduled for release in June.