Classic British Comic Strip 'Nemesis the Warlock' to Receive Deluxe Collected Edition

Nemesis the Warlock - Publicity - H 2019
Kevin O'Neill/Rebellion
'The Early Heresies' collects the initial runs from the strip created by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill.

A piece of British comic book history has gained a new, deluxe, lease on life with the announcement of the oversized hardcover collection Nemesis the Warlock: The Early Heresies.

Nemesis, a fan-favorite strip from British comics anthology 2000 AD, was the creation of Pat Mills — one of the most legendary figures in British comics publishing, having developed titles including 2000 AD, Battle Picture Weekly and the controversial weekly title Action, and created such characters and concepts as ABC Warriors, Marshal Law and Slaine — and Kevin O’Neill, known to American fans for his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series with Alan Moore.

The series revolves around an alien rebel fighting against the forces of authority, personified by a xenophobic humanity seeking to remove the galaxy of all traces of “deviancy” — which is to say, anything inhuman or including behavior deemed to be inappropriate by the most narrow of minds. Nemesis debuted in 1980’s 2000 AD No. 167, with his adventures continuing on an irregular basis until 1999.

The new volume will collect the first four runs of the Nemesis the Warlock strip by Mills and O’Neill, as well as featuring two one-off shorts that appeared in contemporaneous special issues. Mills will contribute a new introduction to the collection, with O’Neill offering an afterword. In addition to O’Neill, the volume will feature artwork from Jesus Redondo and Costa Book Award-winner Bryan Talbot.

Only 250 English-language editions of the hardcover will be released, available exclusively from 2000 AD’s website. The volume is being created in partnership with Delirium, 2000 AD’s French publisher. More information about the edition can be found here.