Netflix Removes 'Star Trek III' to Make Aliens Easier to Understand

Netflix World Domination - H 2013
<p>Netflix World Domination - H 2013</p>
'Star Trek III: The Search for Spock' is no longer available on Netflix's Watch Instantly service because, according to one report, the company felt the need to ensure that everyone could tell what the Klingons were saying.

We all know what it's like. Sometimes all you want to do is go home, relax and stick Star Trek III: The Search for Spock on Netflix streaming so that you can recuperate from the day with an epic tale of friendship that transcends death (and rebirth). Only problem with that plan right now is, Netflix has temporarily removed Star Trek III from its streaming service. The reason why? Vulcan and Klingon linguistics.

Apparently, the version of Star Trek III that had previously been available on Netflix Watch Instantly didn't have the correct subtitling for the Klingon and Vulcan language scenes. While that doesn't seem like a big deal to most of us -- they are, after all, made-up languages -- it seems that Netflix disagrees and has taken the movie offline in order to create more accurate translated subtitles, according to a report in the British Radio Times.

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Unusually, the report continues, Netflix is planning to translate the dialogue itself, as opposed to lifting the existing subtitles from earlier home releases of the movie. This either means that (a) the Netflix WI version of The Search for Spock will have the most impressively accurate Klingon and Vulcan subtitles ever or (b) Netflix is a fan of creating unnecessary work for itself. Not that both things can't be simultaneously true, of course.

The movie is expected back on the site within a week. Everyone: Prepare your English-Klingon dictionaries for the finished product, just to ensure quality control.