Netmarble to Unveil Nintendo Switch Version of RPG Game 'Seven Knights: Time Wanderer'

Seven Knights_Time Wanderer Art - Publicity - H 2020
Courtesy of Netmarble
The console version of the popular role-playing game will offer a new original story along with an updated battle and control system.

South Korean mobile game developer Netmarble on Tuesday revealed its first venture into console gaming.

The company's single-player role-playing game Seven Knights: Time Wanderer is set to land on the Nintendo Switch, bringing a new original story that focuses on the eighth member of the Seven Knights, who is equipped with a magical sentient hourglass. As she embarks on a journey home, familiar characters from the mobile game will be featured.

As well as the new story, the game includes an updated battle and control system optimized for the Switch. 

"Since Seven Knights’ 2014 Korean launch, it’s been quite humbling and exciting to see the game grow in global popularity. We could not be more thrilled that Seven Knights: Time Wanderer will be Netmarble’s first Nintendo game," said Young Jae Park, executive producer of Netmarble, in a statement. "The team can’t wait to share what makes Seven Knights: Time Wanderer so special to a new audience, so we will work closely with Nintendo to ensure our first console game is exciting for Nintendo Switch gamers to play with."

The mobile version of the game was released in 2014 and has been made available in over 150 countries since, garnering millions of downloads through the App Store and Google Play.

"A girl who was chosen has fallen into a twisted timeline," the teaser trailer warns. "I will fix everything," declares Vanessa, the eighth member of the Seven Knights, "and find my way back home."

While no release date was given, players can sign up for updates here.

View the teaser for the Switch game below.