New Ad Offers 'X-Men' Audition (Video)

Continuing the trend to find "Days of Future Past" where you least expect it, a new TV spot for Axe deodorant shows mutants auditioning to join the team.

As part of the cross-promotional tie-ins to the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, a new advertisement for Axe deodorant demonstrates the inherent snobbery of selection practices at Xaviers’ school far more than it does the powers of any antiperspirant.

The “Candidates” TV spot shows Havok (Lucas Till, X-Men: First Class) auditioning for a position in what’s described as “The X-Mansion,” alongside two candidates whose powers don’t exactly match up to his ability to fire explosive energy from his body. Quite how that is meant to advertise Axe isn’t exactly obvious, but on the plus side, it’s a lot more subtle than the Carl’s Jr. ad that shows Quicksilver eating a burger at super speed.

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As the ad mentions, Axe is releasing limited-edition “X-Men packs” -- available in “Phoenix,” “Dark Temptation,” “Apollo” and “Anarchy” -- to tie in with the Fox movie. Of those four varieties, only one is the name of an X-Men character (Phoenix), with another (Apollo) accidentally bearing the name of a superhero from Marvel competitor DC Entertainment.

Watch the ad below; X-Men: Days of Future Past is released May 23.