'Alien: Covenant' Poster Echoes the Series' First Glimpse of Space Horror

When in doubt, hide.
20th Century Fox

In space, no-one can hear you … hide? The latest poster for Alien: Covenant looks very familiar to fans of the original Alien, but it comes with a particular instruction to the audience that suggests that fighting really isn't the best course of action when faced with an unstoppable xenomorph in the middle of space.

The new poster, "Hide," is an obvious shout-out to the iconic image that promoted Ridley Scott's 1979 Alien; like that first image, it features an alien egg, against a dark background, with the only light being an ominous green glow. Compare and contrast:

Of course, that makes it clear that the Covenant image is no direct copy. What to make of the fact that, unlike the Alien poster, this time the egg is still intact? Is it simply a visual cue that this is a prequel, a nod to the fact that the unbroken egg is more foreboding now that we know what comes next, or is there a deeper meaning that we can't even fathom?

"Hide" — a piece of advice that doesn't seem incredibly useful, considering the alien tends to run around looking for, and finding, people to kill without much trouble — comes before the next trailer for Alien: Covenant, which will be released tomorrow. The full movie will hit theaters May 19.