New 'Batman' Finally Reveals If Bruce Wayne Marries Catwoman

Batman City of Bane Cover - Publicity - H 2019
Tony Daniel/DC
Writer Tom King's run ends with issue No. 85, in stores now.

[This story contains spoilers for Batman No. 85.]

The end of Tom King’s acclaimed run on DC’s flagship Batman comic book series arrives in stores today, and in addition to completing the “City of Bane” storyline, it appears to answer a question that fans have been asking for more than two years at this point: Will Batman and Catwoman actually get married? 

The romance of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle has been at the heart of King’s run on DC’s premier character, peaking with the period between 2017’s No. 24 — in which Batman asked Catwoman to marry him — and 2018’s No. 50, where Catwoman left him at the altar, thanks to manipulation by the villain Bane, working through a number of intermediaries. The two characters reunited as part of the climactic “City of Bane” storyline, in which Bane had overrun Gotham City.

In Batman No. 85, the story takes place simultaneously across a number of time periods as King wraps up the dangling plot threads of his run; one of those threads sees Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in bed, talking about their relationship. For those who had been hoping for a last-minute reversal of Catwoman jilting the Dark Knight, it might come across as a disappointment, with the wedding apparently ruled out for good.

“After what we’ve been through, after the years, the deaths…. I don’t need a judge. Or a dress. Or an audience. To know…that you…you and I…. The Bat and the Cat. We are forever,” Catwoman tells her lover; in response, an unusually speechless Batman says, “I…I love you, Cat. I always will.”

Of course, this seeming resolution may be as much a misdirection as the wedding that didn’t happen; while King is ending his period as writer of the primary Batman series with No. 85, he’s not ending his association with the character. At some point in 2020, he will team with his Heroes in Crisis collaborator Clay Mann for a new 12-issue series titled, simply, Batman/Catwoman. Could there be wedding bells at the end of that yearlong adventure?

Batman No. 85 is available in comic book stores and digitally now.