New 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Teaser Poster Revealed

Marvel's patriotic hero turns his back on SHIELD (and us) in new teaser image.
Marvel Studios
Marvel's patriotic hero turns his back on SHIELD (and us) in new teaser image.

Never mind Phil Coulson, Grant Ward or even morally-dubious-but-come-on hacker Skye, the new teaser poster for next year's Captain America: The Winter Soldier makes it very clear that there's one Agent of SHIELD who's out of everyone else's league. But aside from the glimpse of the Helicarrier, what else can we learn from the image?

On the face of it, the poster gives little away -- we're familiar by now with Chris Evans as Cap standing resolute, and we've seen the Helicarrier before as well, after now. But should we be reading anything into the fact that he's got his back to the viewer -- and, considering where he's standing, to SHIELD itself? Considering that those behind The Winter Soldier have promised more of a political thriller than a traditional superhero movie, the idea of one man turning his back on the system feels particularly possible.

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Add to that the fact that the Helicarrier is apparently hovering above Washington, D.C. (and is that fighter jet flying away from the city just part of the traditional Helicarrier support, or something else altogether?). Is SHIELD guarding the capital of the United States, investigating something happening in the city or some mixture of the two?

Then there are the things that aren't seen in the image -- it only makes sense for the poster to tease the eponymous hero, but not even a hint of either Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow or Anthony Mackie's Falcon is a little disappointing. Never mind the fact that Sebastian Stan, who plays the movie's other title character, is entirely absent as well. Perhaps subsequent teaser posters will reveal all three standing behind the viewer this time around …

To accompany the poster's debut, the first teaser trailer for the movie will be released in two days, according to Marvel.