New 'Catwoman' Comic Book Spins Out of 'Batman' Wedding Storyline

Catwoman 1 Cover - Publicity - P 2018
Joelle Jones/DC Entertainment
Joelle Jones will write and draw the new series, launching the same day as the 'Batman' wedding issue.

Married life doesn't look like it's going to slow down Selina Kyle.

At the C2E2 convention in Chicago, DC Entertainment on Saturday announced Catwoman, a new comic book series launching the same day as Batman No. 50, the issue where Catwoman and Batman are scheduled to tie the knot. (Does this mean problems at the altar? No one is saying for sure, but it should be noted that the DC Nation No. 0 preview story for the issue does feature the Joker finding out about the nuptials…)

The new series will be written and illustrated by Joelle Jones, who has worked on the Batman series in recent months — illustrating a number of Catwoman-centric stories in the process — and will feature Selina returning to the streets to stop a copycat who’s pulling heists across Gotham City. If, that is, the Gotham City Police Department won’t take her down before she has the chance.

Jones’ Catwoman restores the character to the solo spotlight; since the 1993 launch of the character’s first ongoing monthly comic, Catwoman has been a mainstay of DC’s comic book line, anchoring a title for the majority of the subsequent 25 years. Her last solo run ended in 2016.

Both Batman No. 50 and Catwoman No. 1 will be released July 4.