New 'Child's Play' Trailer Offers First Look at Mark Hamill's Chucky

The 'Star Wars' actor is voicing the murderous doll in a reboot of the 1988 horror film, starring Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry, from 'It' producers Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg.

Orion Pictures released the second trailer for its reboot of Child's Play on Thursday, and with it came the first full look at the new Chucky.

An exploitation and exploration of the terror of mixing toys with tech, the latest preview offers up more of the reboot's gruesome elements, with the Mark Hamill-voiced Chucky and the murderous doll's knife casting a bloody shadow throughout the trailer. 

Beyond Star Wars legend Hamill voicing Chucky, Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry, Gabriel Bateman and Tim Matheson star in the Lars Klevberg-directed modern reimagining of the 1988 slasher classic.

After just moving to a new town for a fresh start, Karen (Plaza) wants her son to fit in and make friends. However, when the trailer opens, Andy (Bateman) is seen struggling to adjust to his new life.

Enter Buddi, an app created by Kaslan Corp. that can connect to and control all of your Kaslan devices and products, including Andy's new doll. The company's CEO, Henry Kaslan (Matheson), pitches the doll as "your new best friend," but Andy begins noticing strange, startling things about Chucky, things he knows are seemingly impossible.

"Mom, I need to tell you something, and I need you to believe me," the young teen says as he fiddles with the malfunctioning Buddi app on his phone's cracked screen. "I think Chucky did something."

On cue, the trailer spirals into slasher territory as a man, shaken from his ladder and now tangled in Christmas lights, tries to crawl away from motorized lawn equipment and a knife-wielding Chucky.

As weird incidents and murders occur around town, Det. Mike Norris (Henry) thinks Andy knows something about what's happening even though Karen still believes Chucky is just some toy.

"Andy, if you know something, you better tell me," Norris tells the teen before Andy is seen pleading that "something's wrong with Chucky."

After a warning from Andy that the doll could be anywhere, the town's technology goes horrifically haywire, with everything from toys to cars turning on residents. Between flashes of Chucky's bloody victims violently piling up, he hovers and stalks in almost every scene, mostly faceless until the trailer's final moments.

"We have to stop him," Andy declares right before a darkly lit Chucky teases, "Good night, Andy."

From It producers Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg, Child's Play will be released in theaters on June 21.