New 'Dark Phoenix' Trailer Sees X-Men Pick Sides

The latest promo for the Simon Kinberg-written and -directed origins film features more characters and more reveals about where key mutants will fall in the fight over and with Jean Grey.

Jean Grey's darkening powers are a test of the X-Men's loyalties, rivalries and ideologies in the latest X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer.

In the newest look at the upcoming X-Men universe film released Wednesday, details surrounding Jean Grey's (Sophie Turner) accident in space and the source of her explosive changes are made clearer. Meanwhile, more glimpses of mutants like Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Quicksilver (Evan Peters) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) are offered up.

The biggest focus of the film's latest look, however, is where many of the leading X-Men will fall in the fight over (and with) Jean as the threat of her powers grows. The trailer opens with the team setting off into space, a laid-back Quicksilver acknowledging the new territory the team is entering.

"We're doing space missions now," the speedster says, shrugging. "Cool."

The next set of scenes incorporates both new and old footage, revealing that the trip is a strict rescue mission that goes wrong after Jean becomes engulfed by a searing, blaze-like energy. Upon the team's return to Earth, Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) shares that Jean's miraculous survival has earned her the nickname "Phoenix."

Right after, Jessica Chastain's character finds a confused and conflicted Jean in a bar. There she turns Jean's ask about who she is back on her.

"The better question is, who are you?" she says to Jean, with an eerie calm.

As the trailer depicts Jean's physical and mental metamorphosis, the powerful mutant admits that the changes scare her, "but it feels good."

Glimpses of several fight sequences divulge where several key X-Men will stand during Jean's dark evolution.

As in previous trailers, Cyclops is seen saying, "She's still our friend," followed by a new clip of Beast stating, "She's not our friend anymore." Meanwhile, Magneto declares she will die before the trailer shows him going head to head with Jean in a battle of mutant powers and wills.

"Are you threatening me?" Jean asks a floating Magneto. "That's right," he replies.

"That would be a bad idea," she says, coolly, right as she swats him through a window.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is based on the 1980s comic storyline and serves as X-Men producer Simon Kinberg's directorial debut. The film hits theaters June 7.