New 'Deadpool' Digital Comic Series Planned by Marvel

'Deadpool & Cable' will be co-written by the character's co-creator Fabian Nicieza.
Reilly Brown/Marvel Entertainment

With the trailer for Fox's Deadpool only underscoring excitement around the Merc with the Mouth, Marvel Entertainment has announced the launch of a second title featuring the character, written by one of the two men who gave him life.

Deadpool & Cable: Split Second isn't just a reunion for Deadpool and writer Fabian Nicieza however (Nicieza provided the script for 1991's The New Mutants No. 98, where Deadpool made his debut); it also re-teams the character with fellow New Mutants veteran Cable, with whom he shared a long-running series a decade ago, called Cable and Deadpool — a series originally drawn by Deadpool & Cable artist Reilly Brown.

Despite featuring two of Marvel's most violent characters, Nicieza told Polygon that the series has a deeper meaning. "It is about struggling through a life of regret and struggling through the soulful tug of conscience that nags at us as a species, tasking us to ask of ourselves, 'Is this all I am? Is this all I can be? Do I have the courage to be more?' " he said, joking that, "If we fail to answer those questions for each and every one of our readers, then we will have failed in our assignment."

The series will be released initially digitally, with a subsequent print edition. This is the second time Marvel has used this format for the character; an earlier series, Deadpool: The Gauntlet launched in Jan. 2014 and ran through April of that year. The six-issue series will launch digitally in October, with a print release following in December.