New 'Fantastic Four' Ad Showcases Superpowers (Video)

Michael B. Jordan in 'Fantastic Four' Trailer - H 2015
Things are exactly what they used to be.

Early glimpses at Josh Trank's reboot of the Marvel property Fantastic Four have made the movie look more grounded and realistic than its comic book source material, but a new ad demonstrates the team's powers in all their glory — and confirms that at least one of the comic book's code names has made it into the movie intact.

A 20th Century Fox-produced ad for MovieTickets.com doesn't just give the clearest view of Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) and Reed Richards (Miles Teller) using their powers to date, it also confirms that, yes, Ben Grimm is really going to end up with the awkward name "the Thing" in the movie as well. Interestingly enough, Johnny, Reed and Sue Storm aren't given their own comic book names in the ad, raising the issue of whether we'll get to hear the words "Mr. Fantastic" in the movie at all.

(The ad also introduces Carl, who can buy movie tickets using the MovieTickets.com app on his phone. Somehow, I doubt he'll show up in the movie, although we can hold out hope.)

Fantastic Four also stars Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Toby Kebbell, and will hit theaters Aug. 7. Watch the team in action below.